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Early Glance: Supermarkets Businesses - Yahoo News

Safeway rose $.04 or .1 %, to $34.59. Supervalu fell $.14 or 1.5 %, to $9.30. Whole Foods Market Inc. rose $.13 or .3 percent, to $38.68. Investment & Company Information
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Area colonial tables saw preserved foods, seafood | StarNewsOnline.com

In the currency of the day, a gallon of West Indian rum commanded a four-pound premium, with lesser domestic rotgut 2 pounds plus 10 pence. Fortified Madeira plus port wines, rum-heavy punches created with lime juice and brown sugar and imported British ciders and beers might be had for a some shillings. There was food because well, naturally. Dinner with tiny beer (a low-alcohol beer) ran seven shillings and six pence, and we might conserve several silver by skipping the ale. It wouldn't have been an simple existence by today's practices, but folks of the era possibly wouldn't have found suppertime to be overly dreary.
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