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Getting Started With Raw Foods

There is a lot of debate surrounding this subject. Some people say that you should go 100%. Others disagree. There are those who say that the only way to get the best from raw food is if you take nothing else but it. Other people say that a diverse diet composed of 50% to 70% raw will do just fine.

Whenever you heat food above 117 degrees you kill the enzymes in the food. The enzymes are the life force of the food. If you kill the life force the food is essentially a dead food.

While visiting in February, we arrived for the Winter Festival. We saw around 250 booths and 35-50K attendees for a crafts, foods, and related sights demo, along a closed off Main Street. It had been years since we attended a craft fare. Walking up and down Main, we found that local vendors added tremendous color and history to our excursion.

There are many motivators with this diet. The first of the numerous benefits of this diet is better health. For example, obesity is currently one of the worlds uppermost health concerns. A raw food diet is a natural cure for obesity. Once you begin a diet high in uncooked fruits and vegetables you will see the pounds fly away and your body get fit. Living foods are naturally low in sodium and high in magnesium and potassium. This also aids in the fight against obesity.

Summer is the season for berries and tropical fruits, so take advantage of the fact! Fruits have high nutritive content, are rich in fiber, can keep you full for a while and are relatively low in calories. Also, eating fresh fruit is a lot healthier and more conducive to a weight loss diet than sipping a fruit juice, a sweetened smoothie or a mock-tail.

After dinner and homework are out of the way, do not sit in front of the television and zone out. Use this time to exercise with your children. It does not matter what their ages are, your children will enjoy the time spent with you and you can not buy the entertainment your children will experience as they watch you do those leg lifts - moaning and groaning the entire time. Your kids will love the opportunity to show you up by out-doing you at your exercises. Children will expend their energy, feel better and fall asleep faster after exercising.

In conclusion, for optimal health, you want to retain as many of your enzymes in your body as you can, because, once they are spent, they are gone, gluten and your body has no way to fight aging or disease. What are enzymes? The secret ingredient for long life and good health.

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