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Why You'd Like To Change Over To Eating Raw Food

While many people turn to the latest and greatest weight loss supplements to shed excess pounds, they pass by the most natural means of doing so-fiber. Whether it is the next great fat burner or super-duper protein powder, none of these compare to the benefits that fiber offers.

Eating a 80-90% raw food diet has blessed my life in more ways than I can count. I hadn't been on a raw diet while pregnant with my first 6 kids but kept edging my way toward raw food eating, while trying to overcome the miscarrying I had been doing upon turning 40. During my most recent pregnancy with my 2nd son, I was eating raw and that pregnancy was a healthy uneventful pregnancy. The kind you want. With lots of healthy illness in the first trimester. I often get questions on whether eating a raw diet while pregnant is a healthy way to go. My response is a resounding YES!! In the following paragraphs, I'll outline why.

Kevin: You put out the book "Green Smoothies" and now you're putting out a new book because a lot of questions arise. What are some of the biggest questions people had about green smoothies or just about their health as applied to?

Ideally, I would recommend a switch to home diets, whether raw or cooked. You have the most control (again, in as much as we trust our own food sources) over the ingredients. You see, every day, exactly what you are feeding your pets.

Yet most of the fertilizer used is made from fossil fuels, which are fast depleting. The harvests we have seen will start to fall.The chances of substantial population decline are becoming more likely.So you must educate yourself on how to grow food and then start growing it.

Summer is the season for berries and tropical fruits, so take advantage of the fact! Fruits have high nutritive content, are rich in fiber, can keep you full for a while and are relatively low in calories. Also, eating fresh fruit is a lot healthier and more conducive to a weight loss diet than sipping a fruit juice, a sweetened smoothie or a mock-tail.

You're on the right track though, because just by reading this, I know you want to learn more about how you can look younger and more beautiful without spending a fortune on surgery and other harmful practices.

Over time, your body will change and adjust. Soon, you may be able to live with a diet of up to 80% raw food. You may even be able to accommodate 100% on days.

Salt is another food item we don't need in our diets. A lot of publications recommend using sea salt, kosher salt or other substitutes for regular iodized salt. Salt is still salt and it contains sodium chloride. Every dash of salt you use raises your blood pressure. All the natural sodium a person needs can be supplied through nutrient rich foods.

David Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the authorities when it comes to raw food diet. His various contributions to health and diet have made a huge difference raw food diet in the perspective of various people who desire a positive change in their lifestyle.

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